Waiting around staring at butterflies….




Meanwhile in my mind, I was waiting, waiting for someone to turn up and have everything sorted out and just hand it to me. Upon thinking I reaslised, the person I was waiting for was just a more organised me. 

He’s got funny in his genes


What makes people more naturally funny than others? I believe it’s the way they tell a story, we seem to have moved on from the classic one liners “a man walks into a bar..” And then we all laughed. We want to be able to vividly imagine what you are describing with minimum effort. From the everyday, to the darn strange to sarcastic witty comments on daily life: Hitting a funny bone is no easy task, it takes skill and timing which may be natural to some but may also develop over time. life is your material, you feed off it,make fun of it and make people giggle along the way. Some people know How to illuminate the shortcomings and funny moments of life, others may try but ultimately may not succeed in hitting that funny bone every single time.

We’ve all experienced a moment where laughter is replaced with silence and a joke is sadly, replaced with Regret. I believe everyone has some sort of sense of humour, whether its enough to make someone laugh is just another story you can tell..


Religion-still the cause of the worlds evils?


My first meeting with my philosophy mentor was a peculiar one, as we (the mentees) began to apathetically introduce ourselves to the rest of the group I did not predict that the conversation was about to turn into a full blown debate on the place of religion in our lives. The girl, who shall remain unnamed, began to criticise it completely by arguing that it is the cause of all evil, the starter of all wars and so on. The boy beside me refuted, that it is humans that are the cause of their own evil.  I sat quietly, we were only meant to be introducing ourselves-that’s philosophers for you.

So is religion the cause of all wars, evil and destruction? If you look on the surface maybe, but it only takes a few moments to recognise that religion is merely manipulated in order to benefit the wants of man. For in which religion is brutal genocide and murder permissible? What religion gives the human race I think, is hope, in the form of a deity- someone or thing that is always looking over them.  Do atheists not envy this notion what some would call an inner strength and meaning to life? Perhaps not, they can argue that this is simply an unreasonable support system that is dependent on a non-existent being. But how unreasonable is it to think that whatever problems we face we can overcome by drawing strength from our beliefs. With or without a deity do we not all have this strength, this inner hope? How else can we convince ourselves to keep going and to stand by the decisions we make in the hope that they are the right ones.

We can find this strength in many places, not only through a deity but through parents, people, maybe even a specific quotation of wisdom or even ourselves. What religion does is put it all in a neat and tidy box or even highlights what we are missing in our own lives. I admire this strength found in believers and non-believers alike. Let’s not argue over religion, maybe one day religion won’t be criticised as purely destructive force, maybe one day man will stop using it as reasons to kill, but for now we can only hope. Image

Drum till you can’t drum no more


Its a Sunday, a cold early afternoon at Dulwich library where my mum and I bundled up to the door at 12pm to get ready for a dose of African Drumming for the Black History Month Period. We stood outside waiting for the doors to the library to open as a small ( very small) crowd gathered around us, we looked around..both of us noticed there wasn’t a large representation of the African continent. In fact as time ticked on and our patience dwindled,we came to the conclusion it was just going to be us “representing” so to speak. A woman, sporting three quarter length jeans and a light blue jumper with her three bouncy blonde sons began chattering about whether they were the only ones going to the drumming workshop, you know the kind of chatter that aims to exclude and include public commentary at the same time ? Where eye contact is towards anyone! But excluding everyone..We watched as she boasted and asked simultaneously. Why else would we be here, as soon as the library opens, on time, reading the black history month poster. We stood in silence, watching “blue jumper” as she made empty inquires.

Djembe drum, for those who might have been a bit confused.

As we entered the room we were greeted by two woman dressed with African material and sitting surrounded by an array of drums. One for each of us I guessed. Taking our seats, shuffling re shuffling etc I began scouring the room (thinking of what a great blog this would make). You had Mr I want the biggest drum who sat pleased with his choice of large bellowing Djembe which he pounded with pride and looked around to see if there would be any threat to his crown. Alas there wasn’t and there being only 3 men in the group he didn’t have much competition. The other man in the room was quite timid, who through out the workshop used only one hand (yes he did have another but I figured it wasn’t quite ready to join in)..he reminded me of Johnny Depp’s Edward Scissor hands, dressed in a black chord shirt and bold pale head, although he was smiling he still sat quite still as if in constant pain.

The first exercise we did after learning the basics was saying our names, after Finn, William, Harry and Maple it came to my turn “chi-sa-ra!” with a drum accompaniment which they repeated back crystal clear! I was so impressed I almost cried, with all my misfortunes at introducing myself to people as they would repeat my name as “crystal, Geesara or worst still Michelle” I wonder if it was the magic of the drum that creates such a success and that perhaps on my daily travels I will bring along a pocket size Djembe for all my name related problems. We kept learning more rhythms and it was really enjoyable creating a large sound scope of African beats, a smile from a woman across the room read “Your good at this! I bet this is like tradition were your from” I smiled back and received a blank stare from “blue jumper” who seemed flustered- to say the least.

As the workshop drew to a close a woman with long red hair came up to us and asked ” You’ve done this before?”

“Yes” I replied “Back home in the tribe we used to play all the time, from dusk till dawn- we try to now but here in this strange land people don’t want to hear it! It has been such a great day- just like home, allow me to offer you some complimentary Caribbean and African fruits. Mango? “


Dear new starts..a few things we need to know


The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. A quote I found extremely suited to what I am about to write, we all know that new starts and uncertain futures are some of the things that scare us in fact it is the sheer uncertainty that we find most challenging. For example how far the next step will be and how hard or easy the road will be but it should be the determination of knowing “that you are not going to stay where you are” which is going to drive you towards a brighter future.  All of our upper level college students or are going onwards towards a new beginning closing this chapter of their lives to start a new one. We can learn from them, we can learn that it is possible to start new things and to have opportunities if we work hard and achieve our potential by striving to achieve our goals and dreams no matter how big or small they may be. Knowing that nothing to bring you down or stop you from enjoying and taking a journey is key, because extra baggage does nothing but weigh you down. The whole thing about new starts is that it’s a cleanse, some people may write lists of what they aren’t going to do or how they are not going to act when starting a new chapter, but how many of these people follow this?

It’s not about changing who you are completely to suit a new environment but adapting yourself in a way that makes you better than the person you left behind. We should be reflective and evaluative of the choices we make, because in the end we are only doing the best by ourselves. New starts encourage new ideas and ways of thinking it’s the perfect way to discover or re discover your-self. So don’t take it as a scary void of the unknown but as a field of discovery. We can’t hide in the darkness hoping that someone will see us or tell us how wonderful we are, we have to get out there and take every opportunity as we see fit. People may come and go but experiences and memories last forever. Memories with these people or memories on your own reading a book you’ve never even looked at in your university library or the start of a new job. Everyone is a “somebody”; it’s just about making yourself the best somebody you can be. Recently because of the daunting process of exams there have been many doubts from students about the certainty of their future and if they can truly fulfil their potential. Maybe you won’t get it right the first time, maybe not the second but surely you’ll get it sometime and when you do however fast or slow it will be one of the most rewarding times of your life because it will be the rightful award for the large amount of hard work you put in. Maybe it’s the dread of failure that drives us? Or maybe the drive for success? I think it should be the passion to do what your good at, love and enjoy in order to be the best you can be, not for anyone else but for yourself.

Yours Sincerely